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London Incidents 7 July 2005
Emergency Telephone Number - 0870 1566 344
15th-Aug-2005 11:41 am - ADMIN: Community now moderated.
Having served its purpose over the last month or so, this community is now switching to moderated status.

14th-Aug-2005 11:50 am - That shooting...
He wasn't wearing a heavy jacket. He used his card to get into the station. He didn't vault the barrier. And now police say there are no CCTV pictures to reveal the truth. So why did plainclothes officers shoot young Jean Charles de Menezes seven times in the head, thinking he posed a terror threat?

Full article - Death in Stockwell: the unanswered questions.
12th-Aug-2005 04:51 pm - ADMIN: Time to move on.
I think given that London and the community have both been quiet for a while it's time to wrap it up and leave this as a permanent record. Unless I hear anything compelling to the contrary over the weekend (please comment here), I propose to set the community to 'moderated' on Monday morning (to prevent it filling up with junk while nobody's looking closely at it).

Any relevant posts will be added; any new developments in London will result in the community being reopened, but I think it's time to move on.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their effort and constructive contributions here.
4th-Aug-2005 07:43 am - Has this already been posted?
Mis-teeq - All I Want
So I'm assuming that the Picadilly Line will be fully functioning as of today?

London Underground www.tfl.gov.uk
Transport for London - Underground
Dear Miss *****,

I am writing to let you know that the Piccadilly line between Arnos Grove and Hyde Park Corner and between Rayners Lane and Uxbridge will reopen from tomorrow morning. There will then be a full Piccadilly line service to all stations.

However, due to planned engineering work on the weekend of 6/7 August there will be no service between Hyde Park Corner and Acton Town on the Piccadilly line or between Earl's Court and Acton Town/Gunnersbury on the District line. For further information and alternative travel options please click here.
If you are planning to travel to or from Heathrow Airport on this weekend please use the Heathrow Express between central London and Heathrow Airport where Zone 1-6 Travelcards, Zone 1-6 Oyster cards and Freedom Passes will be accepted. Please click here for further information.
The latest Tube information is as follows:
Hammersmith & City line: Now fully open.
Circle line: No service.
King's Cross St. Pancras station: Now open for all lines except the Circle line.
Thank you for your patience and continued vigilance during this time.
Yours sincerely
Nigel Holness

Service Director
For the latest travel information:

- Visit www.tfl.gov.uk

- Visit TfL Journey Planner www.tfl.gov.uk/journeyplanner

- Call 24-hour Travel Information 0207 222 1234

- Register for personalised travel alerts via SMS/Email to monitor tube and

  DLR service updates - subscribe at www.tfl.gov.uk/travelalerts

- WAP mobile phones - you can bookmark TfL's WAP Information service

  by texting TfL to 60835 (standard charge applies)

- See Ceefax page 436 and Teletext page 164
Mayor of London

4th-Aug-2005 12:32 am(no subject)
the london bombers created their bombs in leeds, being stored in an industrial strength fridge.

the bombs were also made from everyday household objects such as hair bleech. The bombs were set off by mobile phones.

- lbc radio {www.lbc.co.uk}
2nd-Aug-2005 11:13 am(no subject)
feminism, activism, fist
According to the BBC, that bus fire is "not suspicious": http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4739251.stm
2nd-Aug-2005 03:27 pm(no subject)
Beeb supposedly has reported that City Rd has been blocked by the police with reports of smoke coming out of a bus coming....
Agent Graves
Italian newspapers are now reporting that one of the suspects in the July 21st bombings claims that they were never intended to be lethal - according to Yahoo news, Osman Hussain told interrogators he wasn't carrying enough explosives even to "harm people nearby," and said "We didn't want to kill, just sow terror."

Yahoo have the story here.

The latest relevant BBC story is here, but doesn't currently mention that aspect.
29th-Jul-2005 03:14 pm(no subject)
Two more of the failed London bombing suspects are believed to have been arrested as police carry out a number of armed operations in London.

A BBC correspondent said they were thought to be the suspected Oval Tube and Number 26 bus bombers.

29th-Jul-2005 03:05 pm(no subject)

all of Liverpool st station has been shut down about half hour ago. People are milling in the streets. The area immediately out the front of Liverpool St station on Bishopsgate as well as Liverpool St itself has been cordoned off.6 police carrier van things. 3 plain police cars as we can tell.

As of 1500PM they've opened everything back up again, and everything is returning back to normal.
29th-Jul-2005 01:29 pm - TV News in UK
a getting there
Police are raiding the Peabody Estate in Notting Hill, North Kensington (near the Ladbroke Grove, Westborne Park and Notting Hill Gate Stations.) A cordon has been thrown around a wide area. Several homes have been raided and there have been a number of controlled explosions. No report of stations being closed as yet.

I am approximately 1/2 mile away, near enough to hear and see the helicopters going overhead but nothing else. I am giving details from the TV News. They did not mention the roads in the area but I would assume that several will be closed. The situation is on-going at present. Most recent reports state that some police are wearing gas-masks. (This is a very crowded urban area.)

Posted 1.30p.m. BST from North Kensington.

Crossposted to London 070705
28th-Jul-2005 07:53 pm(no subject)
hamilton galleries bee's lips

Not sure if anyone wants to see these but they are the images that abc news in the USA were showing on tv yesterday at great annoyance to the met as they were unreleased in this country.
24th-Jul-2005 06:06 pm - London 24/07
My husband is at London Bridge and has rung to inform me that it has just been evacuated. That's the main line and the underground and that as far as he can tell, nothing is running.

Can anyone confirm what might be going on?
Agent Graves
Following up on this post:

"A man shot dead by police hunting the bombers behind Thursday's London attacks was unconnected to the incidents, police have confirmed.

A Scotland Yard statement said the shooting was a "tragedy" which was regretted by the Metropolitan Police."

Full article is here

Edit: BBC is now naming the man who died as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, a Brazilian electrician. It also mentions that "The Brazilian government has expressed its shock at the killing and Brazil's foreign minister Celso Amorim is on his way to London to get an explanation from foreign secretary Jack Straw".
23rd-Jul-2005 05:12 pm - London. 5.30 p.m.
a getting there
A policeman on the beat told me that Ladbroke Grove Station and Westbourne Park station are both closed. This is very unusual but the reason is not known at present.
23rd-Jul-2005 11:19 am - Mile End "security incident"
The BBC are reporting a "security incident" on the Central Line at Mile End Tube station. The area is cordoned off.

UPDATE: [11:33] - A man has been arrested and the station is being re-opened.
22nd-Jul-2005 05:33 pm - Transport, &c.
bugger off
A brief update on tangential matters of moderate interest:

FGW are reporting, as was true yesterday also, that trains between town and the West are operating on a regular schedule. No one, rail-side or HMG-side, has yet addressed, I suppose for operational reasons, the extent to which service may be slowed and a higher security presence put in place for and until Monday (Ted Heath's funeral in Salisbury).

There has been increased security screening at Australia House, with all the Antipodeans in town.

MCC are standing by previous declarations, to the effect that play will not be daunted by increased risk. (The way England are playing, there are those who might welcome an excuse to put off the fixture.) The MCC members do continue to seek better insurance and legal shielding against potential liability against some bugger's targeting Lord's.

No new security measures have been announced that I can see for Goodwood or for Cowes; should I hear of any, I'll say as much.
[ Mods, please delete if inappropriate, but I'm curious as to the current mood, in the light of yesterday's and today's events ]

I've created a poll asking if the bombings and scares have changed peoples' minds about visiting London, and would be very grateful if some of you could take a moment to answer. It's only short: just six questions.

Many thanks.

Click here to take the poll
22nd-Jul-2005 12:40 pm(no subject)
Happy Daiz
Not sure if this has already been posted, feel free to delete if that's the case.

Terrorism suspect shot five times on busy tube train by police officers.


http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4706913.stm (eye witness reports)
22nd-Jul-2005 11:28 am - ITV & Channel 4
Unsure whether connected, but is anyone else suddenly having problems recieving ITV and Channel 4? Mods please delete if unconected..

EDIT: Both are back now, but were off for a good 5 mins each. Can't help but see patterns everywhere ATM

FURTHER EDIT: And back off again at 11.37am.. hmmm
22nd-Jul-2005 11:23 am - East London Mosque.
BBC News eyewitness reports that the police have told them that there are two suspect packages in the East London Mosque, and a police dog team have been taken in.
22nd-Jul-2005 03:12 am - Mosque surrounded
BBC News 24 is reporting Reuters as saying that armed police have surrounded a mosque in East London.
22nd-Jul-2005 10:59 am - Tube update
Warcraft, Paladin
Parts of Victoria and Northern lines have been suspended at the request of the police (Source BBC Radio 5live)
An eyewitness has said he saw armed men (plainclothes police?) pursue a man who looked like someone of Pakistani origin onto the train and fire five shots into him, almost certainly killing him.

The shooting of a man at Stockwell has been confirmed by the police. (BBC News 24)
22nd-Jul-2005 10:46 am - Train evacuated, gunshots heard
A tube train has been evacuated at Stockwell, passengers “heard gunshots” and were told to get out. (BBC News 24)
21st-Jul-2005 05:02 pm - Tube Drivers Refusing to work

Bakerloo Line and the working remnants of the Picadilly Line not operating due to "staff action" not security issues.

21st-Jul-2005 04:12 pm - No chemical agents
BBC Radio 5 Live:

Scotland Yard have confirmed that all four blast sites have been confirmed as involving no chemical agents.
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