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Little Miss Piss me off and feel the pain

Birmingham alerts

What is wrong with people?
Why do the police have to defend their decision to close down the City centre in the aftermath of the London Bombings.

I just wish people would grow up.
The police and emergency services have had a lot to deal with in the last week. Their decision to close off the city centre in Brum last night is not ours to question. We have to trust that they will look out for us. They obviously believed that there was a significant threat to the safety and well-being of thousands of people last night and they reacted to that threat. If your night out was ruined, then would have been ruined as well had something happened last night.
Yes it is sad for some people, but the reality could have been way different and instead of celebrating weddings and parties, they could all be grieving at funerals instead.

The emergency services are doing the toughest job in the world.
These threats are not going to go away. We have been hit now - that is a fact. We are not immune - no one is. We could be hit again at any time, and if the police act on information they have, so be it. I for one would rather they close off a city centre, at whatever inconvenience to me, to be on the safe side than to have the alternative - bodies lying in the street, more death, destruction and hatred.

Just be vigilent out there and give the Police a break - they have enough trouble on their hands without Joe Public braying about how their nights out were ruined or how they were inconvenienced because of closures...

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