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Officials have begun naming those killed in Thursday's bomb attacks in London.

Susan Levy, 53, of Cuffley, Hertfordshire and cleaner Gladys Wundowa, of Chadwell Heath, have been named as being among the 49 confirmed dead.

Polish security forces have searched the house of a suspect in the attacks. The home of a Pakistani-born British man was searched in Lublin following a tip-off.

Many Londoners have returned to work for the first time since the bomb attacks in which 49 people are known to have died.

Police and business leaders are urging people to get back to normal, insisting the capital is "open for business".

Politicians are also among those who want the public to show they will not be cowed by terrorism, after tens of thousands of workers left offices early on Thursday following the four explosions that rocked the city.

The majority of those people are thought to have taken the day off on Friday amid security fears and continued disruption to the transport network.

London's Mayor Ken Livingstone has reinforced the message by taking the Tube to work and some 100 schools in London have also reopened.

Ken Livingstone gets Tube to work

Mr Livingstone said: "We are going to work. We carry on our lives. We don't let a small group of terrorists change the way we live."

Meanwhile, Tony Blair is expected to reject demands for an inquiry into the terror attacks, saying "all the surveillance in the world" would not stop terrorists determined to attack Britain.

Last night, detectives gave a likely final death toll of 49, revealing that all visible bodies have been removed from the four blast sites.

Workers are still, however, continuing to search under a Tube train between King's Cross and Russell Square.

A total of 62 victims of the bomb attacks are still being treated in London hospitals.

Yesterday, prayers were said at church services for the dead and the 700 people injured in the bomb attacks.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has indicated a memorial will be made to remember the dead and Mr Livingstone has started a public book of condolence at City Hall.

Detectives hunting the bombers have appealed to the public for any photographs, video footage or mobile phone images taken in the aftermath of the London bombings.

They were asked to email them to Scotland Yard at images@met.police.uk.

:: A two-minute silence is to be held around Britain on Thursday as a tribute to the bomb victims.

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