Tanngrísnir (tanngrisnir) wrote in london_070705,

Three tube stations evacuated

BBC & Sky are reporting that Warren Street, Oval & Shepherd’s Bush tube stations have been evacuated.

An eyewitness report speaks of smoke in a train before they were told to leave the train at Warren Street.

UPDATE: The BBC web site now has some news:


The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line and the Hammersmith and City. There are no reports of any casualties.

On TV, reports of smoke coming from the Tube stations have been denied.
Tags: 21.7.05, news, rumour
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Oh f*ck. Thanks for the update.
According to Jeremy Vine on radio 2, a passenger's backpack was seen to blow apart, but did not cause any further damage.


According to this there are 'witness' accounts of a rucksack blowing apart.
There also appears to have been an incident on a bus in Hackney.
I've just seen that.
Trying not to panic as my other half is down there today. He was due to be at some offices near where the bus exploded last time but fortunately was running late and didn't make it to london, this time he is in London.
Am trying not to panic as he is probably ok, but can't get hold of him just yet.
As you say, he is very probably OK. I hope you can get hold of him soon to put your mind at rest, though.
yeah, my brain is doing flip flops, which wont help my staff development review in 20 minutes time ;)
Neil is probably in a meeting, with the phone switched off and probably isnt even aware of what is happening, bless him.
If it helps - I'm in London and my phone isn't working - perhaps the network is overloaded again.
Thanks. He's just checked in. He's waiting to leave. Thats some relief at least :)
Good. :)
The reports I'm hearing on the TV suggest maybe one person has been injured, and there is speculation it is one of the "bombers" (in fact, the as yet unconfirmed reports say the devices were detonators only, no explosives). I'm sure he's fine. :)