The Cesspit (thecesspit) wrote in london_070705,
The Cesspit

Dummy explosions

The incidents are believed to be detonators only....

We are placing the technology on standby here, however.
Tags: 21.7.05, rumour
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What does that mean exactly, 'detonators'? Would that be done by the police or by people playing a prank? Why would there be three at once?
Detonators are the component that goes between the timer/trigger and the main explosive. They're the equivalent of your car starter motor - the bit that gets things going when you turn the key. Usually vary in size between medium size cap to a cherry bomb.

Why? No idea. Could be faulty bombs, pranks (why?) or anything, really.
where do you work?
Police Technology Org.
so you're the person to know =)
I have a line into to some aspects of these things that is useful, yes....