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I've just come back from lunch, walked from liverpool st into hoxton proper and back.

Walking along shoreditch high st about half hour ago, a whole bunch of 5-0's drove by lights on to the intersection of Shoreditch High St, Hackney Rd, Old St. and Kingsland Rd.

The 26 bus was pulled over and evacuated before we got to the corner to have a look see. The bus was stopped one door down the cab stand next to browns. On the other side of the road from the George and Dragon if anyone knows it.

Everyone was tight-lipped about what was going on. Text messages starting coming in regarding tube incidents.

About 5 minutes later, some plain clothed police turned up. Followed by a bunch of plan clothes in bullet proof vests, at which point we wasked to move back some 200 meters from the bus. At this point we started heading back to the office.

Nothing on the news regarding that incident as yet. AFAIK, the area has not been opened up yet.
Tags: 21.7.05
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