aimee (sermoa) wrote in london_070705,

Metropolitan Police Officer, Sir Ian Blair has just said this *is* a serious incident. Appealing Londoners to 'stay where you are'. The Prime Minister is on the way to the COBR room for an urgent meeting.

From BBC News 24.
Tags: 21.7.05, facts, news
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Let's not get this out of proportion though - this is what would happen in any crisis, from the fuel disputes to a terrorist attack, and it happened on the 7th too.
Yes, I'm sorry. I was rather alarmed before ... calmed down a lot now.
Thank you.
Actually, he said a moment ago that it was a "serious incident", which (if I've understood the lingo properly) is a notch down from "major incident".
oh yes, you're right. I'll update my post.
According to the newswires, he referred to it as a "very serious incident" - not the same thing as a "major incident".