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Bus in Hackney

An explosion blew out the windows of a bus in the Hackney area of London on Thursday but there were no reports of injuries, bus operator Stagecoach said.

"The driver heard a bang he believed came from the upper desk of the bus. The windows were blown out. There are no reports of any injuries," a Stagecoach spokesman said.

The No. 26 bus was travelling from Waterloo to Hackney in the east of city. The incident occured in the Shoreditch area, the spokesman said.

He said the structure of the bus was intact but some windows were blown out.

(source: Reuters)
Tags: 21.7.05, news
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Were the windows blown out?
Apparently so, according to BBC News footage
... I took it straight off the website. Blame them.

Deleted comment

only if they weren't interrupted.

nothing like being left hanging.
uuhhh, I just wondered why you deleted my post about personal experiences on the LU today? Because blue_condition said it was always good to know know what was going on on the tube that were personal experiences re the second part of this post:
I've deleted nothing today and the last post I saw on the comm was arkady's post about underground services.

Try reposting and you can always add that you've got mod approval from me if you're concerned it might get deleted. I've noticed that LJ has been on the fritz about comments and tags disappearing so is it possible your post didn't show up on the comm?
sorry, my mistake. It may just be an lj glip. I should stop jumping to conclusions. No matter.