mutate (haute_kitten) wrote in london_070705,

they have arrested a man outside downing st, outside the M.O.D.

source: BBC news 24
Tags: 21.7.05, rumour
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I was really surprised to pass the top of Downing Street on a bus on July 9th, and they only had the usual two police officers on duty there. Given the heightened police presence all over London at that time, you'd have thought they'd bung an extra cop or two outside there...
yeah when I catch the tube I go through liverpool st, and the day after there were loads of police and then a week later only one gaurding the circle line entereance. Lots of LU people, but no police. It was quite strange really.

I guess they're all outside the palaces.
Please add a source for your information. Thanks.
I got this off bbc news 24
Sorry, I meant can you add it to the post. Thanks.
oops. done.
On BBC Radio Five Live the Radio presenter stated that the incident had happened outside Downing Street, and the reported he was talking to butted in and corrected that it was in a street opposite Downing Street, and not in Downing Street itself.

In order to preserve that integrity of information I repeat that here. ;)

- Yorrix -
ha! Thats cool.