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No chemical agents

BBC Radio 5 Live:

Scotland Yard have confirmed that all four blast sites have been confirmed as involving no chemical agents.
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Just to add, Sir Ian Blair has recently mentioned (also on Five Live) that he cannot confirm, but also cannot deny, that arrests have been made.

Furthermore Sir Ian Blair divulged that several hunts/raids where ongoing but would not state where those were concentrated (and rightly so). He seemed confident that, though this seems worryingly like a copy cat incident of two weeks ago, they have recovered a lot of material and may make key breakthroughs.

Furthermore they have released descriptions of a man they are currently trying to pursue. He is of Asian origin and about 6'2" in height. There was descriptive information about his shirt, but other than the fact it was blue I missed the information given.

I hope that helps.

- Yorrix -
They've had eyewitness reports (from journos) that one man was arrested opposite Downing Street, at least.
The eye-witnesses said the arrested man was wearing a blue shirt, open to the waist.
thank god.