sistercarrion (sistercarrion) wrote in london_070705,

ITV & Channel 4

Unsure whether connected, but is anyone else suddenly having problems recieving ITV and Channel 4? Mods please delete if unconected..

EDIT: Both are back now, but were off for a good 5 mins each. Can't help but see patterns everywhere ATM

FURTHER EDIT: And back off again at 11.37am.. hmmm
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Ah scrap that.. they're back now. Can't help but see patterns everywhere ATM..
I've just checked ITV and Channel 4 on both my freeview box and normal and I can get it.. though it took a min or so to kick in on freeview
Are they working now (11.38am)?
just flicked over to them, and they were ok
Is this analogue, cable, Freeview or Sky?

The BBC lists scheduled TV transmitter engineering work but shows no TV work scheduled in the London area today. The only scheduled TV transmitter maintennance for the South East today was Heathfield near Brighton. In theory the BBC and ITV/CH4/5 analogue transmission is seperate, in reality they are the same.

More likely this is due to humidity. Hot humid weather frequently causes TV problems, this is known as sporadic E interference. I find it extremely unlikely that this is related to the London bombings.