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Poll - Have the bombings and scares changed your mind about visiting London?

[ Mods, please delete if inappropriate, but I'm curious as to the current mood, in the light of yesterday's and today's events ]

I've created a poll asking if the bombings and scares have changed peoples' minds about visiting London, and would be very grateful if some of you could take a moment to answer. It's only short: just six questions.

Many thanks.

Click here to take the poll
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I would go to London in a heartbeat. I loved it when I went there in the later 80s (when TWA jets were getting blown open in the sky). Terrorism didn't unnerve me then and it won't now. Sure, it gets the adrenaline going, but I refuse to let terrorism (or political conspiracies, whatever spin you take) scare me into not doing what I want.
I traveled to London alone this spring break. I spent a week there. I'm going back this Christmas for two weeks. And I'm not scared at all. I'm excited to go back and I WILL be using the Tube.
I'm going to London this fall and I'll be taking the tube.
I've been to London and absolutely fell in love with it; I'd move there in a heartbeat if it was possible. And yes, when I go back, I'll be using the tube and busses just like before.
Nope. If I could go to London, I would.
I live less than a ten minute walk from Kings Cross and Tavistock Sqaure (the scene of the bus bombing on the 7th), and about 10 minutes from Warren Street (the scene of one of yesterday's failed bombs).

I rarely travel by tube (less than 50 of the 250 stations are wheelchair accessible), but I would without hesitation if I needed to make a journey that I could make by tube. I've travelled by bus since July 7th without worries.
On the basis of "risk of being blown up", no it hasn't. However I have a small baby and have mobility problems. From that point of view I am worried about being evacuated from the tube for a false alarm and having problems managing that safely. I've had a couple of scary experiences evacuating places when fire alarms have gone off and people have panicked. If we do go to London, we'll probably limit ourselves to places we can easily drive to, get to by above ground railway lines, or try to find out if there are easy access busses we can use instead of the tube.
or try to find out if there are easy access busses we can use instead of the tube.

London Transport are currently promoting that 90% of London buses are accessible, and this will rise to 100% in December 2005.
There are supposed to be a very high percentage of easy access buses - but I am a Londoner with mobility problems and the tubes have always been a nightmare in a bomb scare.
Took the poll, but being in the UK, all I did was mainly tick the ticky boxes. Personally though, I'm not a big fan of London, nor any other city, but not 'cause of the bombs/scares, just 'cause I don't like to be out amongst people anyway. Heck, we get bombs/scares in Walsall and the outta the way towns around here occasionally anyway. Idiots'll be idiots wherever you go.
i still plan on moving to london!