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Transport, &c.

A brief update on tangential matters of moderate interest:

FGW are reporting, as was true yesterday also, that trains between town and the West are operating on a regular schedule. No one, rail-side or HMG-side, has yet addressed, I suppose for operational reasons, the extent to which service may be slowed and a higher security presence put in place for and until Monday (Ted Heath's funeral in Salisbury).

There has been increased security screening at Australia House, with all the Antipodeans in town.

MCC are standing by previous declarations, to the effect that play will not be daunted by increased risk. (The way England are playing, there are those who might welcome an excuse to put off the fixture.) The MCC members do continue to seek better insurance and legal shielding against potential liability against some bugger's targeting Lord's.

No new security measures have been announced that I can see for Goodwood or for Cowes; should I hear of any, I'll say as much.
Tags: 21.7.05, future events, transport
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