Ladyoflight (ladyoflight2004) wrote in london_070705,

London 24/07

My husband is at London Bridge and has rung to inform me that it has just been evacuated. That's the main line and the underground and that as far as he can tell, nothing is running.

Can anyone confirm what might be going on?
Tags: security, transport
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Probably just your run of the mill security alert. They happen all the time on National Rail London stations and the underground anyway, but since July 7th, they're happening more frequently.
Perhaps London Bridge is falling down.

I had to do it. Don't hurt me. I hope he's okay.
Just heard on LBC97.3:

London Bridge has re-opened having been closed due to a security alert. Thameslink and Southern services are suffering some delays.

So looks like another false alarm went on there.
This is not being vigilent. The first rules in these situations are to verify the source that provided the tip of possible threats then confirm the threat itself. The authorities are responding to almost everything without doing those.

Deleted comment

It turns out some idiot had left his suitcase unattended. Makes you wonder what he uses for brains in the current climate.

The station was up and active again within an hour, but my husband didn't get in until 7.40pm because all the trains were up the shoot.
turns out some idiot had left his suitcase unattended.

i am astounded that people can still do that in this climate!
They still do. Apparently Luton Airport had a security worry yesterday, enough that people were advising me to check whether I'd be able to drive home along my usual route, before I pointed out Luton Airport isn't actually that close to Luton Airport Parkway station. (It's about a 10 minute shuttle-bus journey I think.)
The annoying thing is that I hear these rumours but the official news is being suppressed to avoid panicking people, so I can't check it.
As far as I can tell, yes, there WAS a security alert at Luton, and NO, it didn't make the news until well after it was over. Still messes up my travel plans.