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The beeb showed them on the 10pm news on BBC1 last night.
I'm a bit disturbed, as on most workdays I drive within 50 yards of where those bombs were found (I did on the night they closed off the road, while the TV crews were interfering with the alternative routes) and think I might have walked even closer to them in between the bombings and the discovery of the car. (There's a foot-bridge from the station that takes you closer but above that, and a fair number of pedestrians use it as their route to the town centre. )

But it's a moot point now, and I'm more interested than worried. Anyone got links to ABC pictures that the BBC still AREN'T showing?
I looked as soon as I heard on the news yesterday that abc was showing them, but found nothing. The met was pissed because those are police images and also it's not good for state of mind to show such images, especially as in one the edgeware rd one, you can see a body. And the families of people on board they don't want to see such images or indeed those who were on board, I'm sure they don't want to relive it.

Eeek thats scary about having to walk near to them. Makes you think though, so many bombs not so many bombers... maybe they didn't actually mean to die and maybe they meant to go back and take more bombs. Just an idea.
No one else happy that one of the pictures featured prominently TOX?

I kinda miss that guy. They should release him, he'd unite us all again...
Tox, the grafitti artist that went around London's tubes and tunnels (until he got put away) writing "TOX" with the last two digits of the year; in this photo it's TOX03.

Whilst it's a horrible thing, it's still kinda to see it; it's kinda familiar: "Beneath all this shit it's the same old city!"
oh I've heard of him and how they're all pissed that he accesses places he shouldn't be able to. Never seen his work though.

Yeah, I agree with you on the last.