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TV News in UK

Police are raiding the Peabody Estate in Notting Hill, North Kensington (near the Ladbroke Grove, Westborne Park and Notting Hill Gate Stations.) A cordon has been thrown around a wide area. Several homes have been raided and there have been a number of controlled explosions. No report of stations being closed as yet.

I am approximately 1/2 mile away, near enough to hear and see the helicopters going overhead but nothing else. I am giving details from the TV News. They did not mention the roads in the area but I would assume that several will be closed. The situation is on-going at present. Most recent reports state that some police are wearing gas-masks. (This is a very crowded urban area.)

Posted 1.30p.m. BST from North Kensington.

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Deleted comment

The area, around Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, has been cordoned off, and the area has been evacuated.

Police are seeking three men in connection with the attempted bomb attacks on 21 July in London

Police are continually shouting at someone in the flat to come out. They are addressing him as "Muhammad".

The police are asking him: "What is the problem? Why can't you come out?

"Take your clothes off. Exit the building. Do you understand?"

Officers are telling other residents on the 350-property estate to "get inside now".
Looks like they're getting somewhere then :)

(btw we're on bst not gmt)
Thank you.
Sky news are reporting it as one of the terrorist...

"A siege has developed in west London as part of a major armed operation connected to the London terror attacks, with one of the suspected would-be bombers reported to be the target.",,30000-1190644,00.html
Blimey, I used to live there! *meep*