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all of Liverpool st station has been shut down about half hour ago. People are milling in the streets. The area immediately out the front of Liverpool St station on Bishopsgate as well as Liverpool St itself has been cordoned off.6 police carrier van things. 3 plain police cars as we can tell.

As of 1500PM they've opened everything back up again, and everything is returning back to normal.
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from bbc news 24. They arrested some women, 3 I think, who were in the queue for the stansted express train, the bags these women were carrying were investigated and there was reason in them to close liverpool st there was also something about these women leading the police to this man in west london. This makes me happy in more ways than the obvious as the train line to stansted runs directly behind my house in clapton. It's also reassuring that there's two coppers at the station as well, not least cause it's easier to cross the road now.

didnt see any of that.

wonder if htey had cops stationed at every train station departing from liverpool st?
ok update from bbc news 24. Apparently the bag contained nothing to be concerned about in the end but they don't know if the women are still being held or not.

Ever since the 7th july bombings there's been police at the train stations at least as far as I've seen on the 3 stops to liverpool st and there's been guards on the trains as well.
Some one left their sandwiches on the train in Leicester today. Army Bomb disposal came out, blew shit up and it turns out that there was nothing to really worry about. Caused a fair bit of travel problems for a while though :/