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Claims that July 21st bombings were just intended to scare, not kill

Italian newspapers are now reporting that one of the suspects in the July 21st bombings claims that they were never intended to be lethal - according to Yahoo news, Osman Hussain told interrogators he wasn't carrying enough explosives even to "harm people nearby," and said "We didn't want to kill, just sow terror."

Yahoo have the story here.

The latest relevant BBC story is here, but doesn't currently mention that aspect.
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Hmm, they all seem pretty scared, so it would be natural for them not to admit to the intention to kill, but that is was just a "prank", especially with the publicity surrounding the bombs not going off. One is even saying that he was just handed the ruck sack and didn't ask any questions.
Yes, and the last thing they want is to appear incompetent. I don't buy it myself...
Oh i do...

Top three reasons as to why they are idots:

a) they're muppets becuase they're going to a city to kill other people
b) they're muppets because in the process they'll kill themselves
c) its pritty incompetent for a suicide bomber to fail...

All suicide bombers must now go on a test run first....
I'm trying to deal with my home being wrecked because of this lot (broken front door and plumbing problems - repairmen wouldn't come into area on Friday...)

Despite that I had to laugh at your your last line.

I wonder if one can sue a suicide bomber?
Exactly, they have already screwed up, got captured and probably left stuff about to lead the police to more of the cell. It is that typical male tendency to try and save face - wankers.
No argument here. I've heard a lot of people say that it's very hard to get a bomb that wrong, so on one side... on the other, I agree entirely that he's unlikely to claim that he was trying to kill people, and if it was an attempt to spread fear with what-could-have-been, they did remarkably little planning for the aftermath.

Thought it was an interesting news piece, though.
a hoax or a prank is as bad as the real deal imo.
the police have some of the bombs, don't they, so they would be able to assess the impact of an explosion and whether it would have been small or large?

"Defense Statement"

Bet it was leaked by his brief.
The Times coverage is here.