PF (blue_condition) wrote in london_070705,

ADMIN: Time to move on.

I think given that London and the community have both been quiet for a while it's time to wrap it up and leave this as a permanent record. Unless I hear anything compelling to the contrary over the weekend (please comment here), I propose to set the community to 'moderated' on Monday morning (to prevent it filling up with junk while nobody's looking closely at it).

Any relevant posts will be added; any new developments in London will result in the community being reopened, but I think it's time to move on.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their effort and constructive contributions here.
Tags: admin, future
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A very good decision, it's definitely time to leave this in the past.
And thank YOu. :)
Thank you for doing all of this for us.

And please, I know you understand, but I HOPE this community is not needed again!
I think it's time. Thank you so much for having this place here when it was needed. Onward, upward, and life goes on, hopefully for the better!