PF (blue_condition) wrote in london_070705,

ADMIN: Community now moderated.

Having served its purpose over the last month or so, this community is now switching to moderated status.

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What does that mean, exactly?
New posts will require approval by one of the moderation team - the aim is to preserve the content we already have here rather than to turn this into some sort of off-topic discussion forum.

Many thanks to you and the other mods for running the community. Hopefully it won't be needed again.

why? what was happening? did i miss a controversial post?
Nothing. There's just no need to keep this forum 'live' while London's quiet. It can serve as a documentary evidence of the events of that day.

Seems some Aussie has picked up on the forum to do some research (vis-a-via an email I got early today). Deep six'd it.
Seems some Aussie has picked up on the forum to do some research (vis-a-via an email I got early today). Deep six'd it.

You mean you got an email implying there's no need to continually discuss a date in the past? What was in this email? Can I give you my email addy cause I'd love to see...

How do you know an Aussie killed it?
No. The decision to close the community was mine.

Several of the moderation team have received emails from an Australian researcher about the running of the community. I have not communicated with any of them about this; it's entirely up to them if they wish to collaborate.

> How do you know an Aussie killed it?

Are you deliberately missing the point?
Not what I meant.

There was no email. The forum was a news group not a discussion group. The news has passed from the now and thus the purpose is served. No-one has killed it.

Vis-a-vis the group, I was mentioning in passing that I had an email from an Austrailian researcher who was interested in this community for research and how it had grown as a document of the London bombings, and I had deep-six'd the email, as I've not got the time or interest to help this research.

The two comments were not supposed to be read as completely related. Sorry.

Well they set up the community in the first place; moderated posts so that only facts were posted - well I guess that's overstating it, only things from quotable sources actually; set up the "missing persons" area and updated it as information about people came in; erm, I 'm sure there was oter stuff as well :)

Actually, I came back to this community today thinking someone would post about the "7 million" campaign that Ken Living started about 10 minutes ago. I mean, now that it's all moderated, perhaps the moderators might not feel this is a topic to discuss?
You're right, it's not a topic that's approporiate. Livingstone's political campaigns are not a suitable topic for discussion.
I haven't heard about that - must pop over to bbc when I have a moment.

Well it's up to the mods I guess. You do have an ample supply of UK wide LJ communities with various degrees of moderation to choose from, so certainly one of those could be appropriate if you want to use them.