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London Incidents 7 July 2005
Emergency Telephone Number - 0870 1566 344
July 11th, 2005 
The "Birmingham alerts" and "reflections upon a river" threads are off topic for this community. "reflections upon a river" (constructive and supportive as it is) would be appropriate for londonhurts; "Birmingham alerts" belongs on a politics blog or the original poster's own journal. Neither will be removed for the time being, although I urge the original poster of "reflections upon a river" to repost to london_hurts.
02:00 pm - Update...
Ralph Liberty Meadows
The Met Police are still appealing for information, and have set up an email account on:


for receiving photographs, video footage, mobile images etc...

Please attach your contact name and telephone details so they can ask you any further questions as necessary (such as, time, place time info). This information will be treated as confidential.

If your having trouble/don't know how to download phone images, there maybe a mobile number to forward them directly to in future. But I suspect there's enough knowlegde here directly to be able to help you out anyways.

There is also a 24 hour family assistance centre being set up at The Queen Mother's Sports Centre on Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1 1EL (it's about a 5 minute amble from Victoria). This is for those who want to be able to trace members of their family or loved ones, and also discuss issues, concerns and the like.

This is ONLY for those who have a someone missing. It is not for volunteers or rubber-neckers. They will ask for ID and the name of the person you have previously reported.
Warcraft, Paladin
The police now give the toll as 52.

Source: BBC News 24
As well as the London Bombing related spam I reported which arrived within 24 hours of the bombing, there is now a London Bombing computer virus being reported by the BBC and ourselves. More specifically this is a trojan and not a virus, but it is still an unpleasant program you don't want. This arrives in the form of an email claiming to be from CNN offering video footage of the bombings. If the attachment is run under MS Windows, it may place your computer under someone else's control. Since this has now been discovered, it is likely that the author may re-write the program to disguise itself differently.

It is good general practice to never open attachments you weren't expecting, and to use an up-to-date anti-virus system and firewall.
04:48 pm(no subject)
Warcraft, Paladin
Dead toll still at 52, however it will rise though he doesn't expect it to rise into three figures.

Source: BBC News24, press conference with head of the Met Police
07:56 pm - Just FYI
Rainforest quilt
Something a friend of mine posted on Thursday about the high incidence of PTSD in New York (amongst people who didn't witness the events first hand/didn't lose relatives) post 11th September reminded me to have a google for some further information.

08:20 pm - Blood donors
marcus 2013
I went along to see if the blood transfusion people wanted me to give blood this evening and found, as I'd half-expected, that they are turning away anyone who hasn't got an appointment since they are pretty much snowed under, including a lot of first-time donors who need extra hand-holding and (occasionally) faint on them etc.

However, the way these things usually work is that there's a big surge in donations immediately after a disaster then a shortfall two weeks to a month later, so the optimum time to go along is probably in a week or two - or leave it for a month or so since they really need a steady supply.

I'm in central London, and things may be different elsewhere, but I'll be surprised if there isn't a similar pattern at all of the donation centres.
11:39 pm(no subject)
Hi. I have a friend in London who's pretty shell-shocked, and I was wondering if any trauma counselling hotlines had been set up? I've had a poke about on the internet, but all I can find is this one, set up by the Tower Hamlets Council, which seems to be more a re-directing service.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can provide : )
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