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London Incidents 7 July 2005
Emergency Telephone Number - 0870 1566 344
July 14th, 2005 
12:47 pm(no subject)
The Librarian
London bombing victims remembered - BBC report on the 2 minute silence today.

I personally found it quite moving. No sirens, hardly any traffic, not even the police dogs made a sound.

There's also a brief mention of the searching of a house in Aylesbury this morning, but nothing detailed.
12:49 pm - Wembley
Does anyone know what's happening and if it's connected to last week?

There is a massive plume of smoke coming from the side of Wembley Stadium, people here reckon it's Wembley Park station, no word at all on the news sites, theories abound...
I took this on my phone:
wembleyCollapse )
OK, it's not a bomb - BBC News Ticker says "Factory on fire in Wembley area - 10 crews attending. More soon."
New Hair
The BBC Radio 2 news has just reported the evacuation of more houses in the Beeston area of Leeds, with a controlled explosion within the past half hour.


In Leeds, a controlled explosion was carried out in the Beeston area after police cordoned off several streets and evacuated residents.

They have been told by police to take enough clothes with them for three days.

Earlier, police had lifted a cordon around another neighbourhood after it was found that a suspect substance in one house was not hazardous.

(from the middle of http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4679681.stm)
"We took on the Romans, the Saxons, the Danes, the French, William Wallace, the Black Plague, the Roundheads, the Great Fire, Napoleon, the Nazis, and the Blitz, and we're still here. You terrorists are bloody amateurs."
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