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London Incidents 7 July 2005
Emergency Telephone Number - 0870 1566 344
July 23rd, 2005 
The BBC are reporting a "security incident" on the Central Line at Mile End Tube station. The area is cordoned off.

UPDATE: [11:33] - A man has been arrested and the station is being re-opened.
a getting there
A policeman on the beat told me that Ladbroke Grove Station and Westbourne Park station are both closed. This is very unusual but the reason is not known at present.
Agent Graves
Following up on this post:

"A man shot dead by police hunting the bombers behind Thursday's London attacks was unconnected to the incidents, police have confirmed.

A Scotland Yard statement said the shooting was a "tragedy" which was regretted by the Metropolitan Police."

Full article is here

Edit: BBC is now naming the man who died as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, a Brazilian electrician. It also mentions that "The Brazilian government has expressed its shock at the killing and Brazil's foreign minister Celso Amorim is on his way to London to get an explanation from foreign secretary Jack Straw".
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