lie here charmed (kraken_wakes) wrote in london_070705,
lie here charmed

Missing/not heard from LJ users

If there is an LJ user you have reason to believe is in London today and can't get in touch with, please leave their name in the comments here.

This list will go on the links and we're asking everyone to check to see if they can give the whereabouts of missing people.

PLEASE DO NOT PANIC: Many people in London will be more concerned with their own or their loved ones safety rather than access to the internet.

As soon as you have confirmation of safety, please add their name to the safe list: A-M or N-Z and delete your comment(s) here as we want to keep this list as short as possible.


ETA: The list of groups/students/employees confirmed safe has now been moved to its own post which is here.

If your comment has disappeared from below, then that means that the person(s) you're searching for have been confirmed safe and added to the safe list. Please check there.
Tags: contacts, missing

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