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London Incidents 7 July 2005
Emergency Telephone Number - 0870 1566 344
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21st-Jul-2005 03:33 pm(no subject)
Lisy Babe
This has more details about who they're looking for at UCH.
21st-Jul-2005 03:20 pm - BBC news 3.30p.m.
a getting there
Whitehall is being sealed off. Man has just been arrested outside Whitehall by a group of armed police. (Very near Downing Street. Opposite Ministry of Defence.)
21st-Jul-2005 03:27 pm(no subject)
hamilton galleries bee's lips
they have arrested a man outside downing st, outside the M.O.D.

source: BBC news 24
21st-Jul-2005 03:11 pm(no subject)
Warcraft, Paladin
Armed officers at UCH confirmed (source BBC News24) no reason given though at the time they arrived the cordons around the hospital were pushed back.
21st-Jul-2005 03:08 pm - “Stay where you are”
Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has asked Londoners to stay where they are, not to try to get anywhere, to take pressure off the transport system at the moment. (News 24)
21st-Jul-2005 02:53 pm - Bus in Hackney
billy underpants
An explosion blew out the windows of a bus in the Hackney area of London on Thursday but there were no reports of injuries, bus operator Stagecoach said.

"The driver heard a bang he believed came from the upper desk of the bus. The windows were blown out. There are no reports of any injuries," a Stagecoach spokesman said.

The No. 26 bus was travelling from Waterloo to Hackney in the east of city. The incident occured in the Shoreditch area, the spokesman said.

He said the structure of the bus was intact but some windows were blown out.

(source: Reuters)
21st-Jul-2005 02:32 pm(no subject)
little pink star
Metropolitan Police Officer, Sir Ian Blair has just said this *is* a serious incident. Appealing Londoners to 'stay where you are'. The Prime Minister is on the way to the COBR room for an urgent meeting.

From BBC News 24.
21st-Jul-2005 02:24 pm - Armed police at UCH?
According to BBC News 24, there are unconfirmed reports that armed police have entered University College Hospital, and there is speculation that one of the "bombers" may have been taken there, injured. This is very much rumour at the moment.
21st-Jul-2005 02:15 pm - EC2
I've just come back from lunch, walked from liverpool st into hoxton proper and back.

Walking along shoreditch high st about half hour ago, a whole bunch of 5-0's drove by lights on to the intersection of Shoreditch High St, Hackney Rd, Old St. and Kingsland Rd.

The 26 bus was pulled over and evacuated before we got to the corner to have a look see. The bus was stopped one door down the cab stand next to browns. On the other side of the road from the George and Dragon if anyone knows it.

Everyone was tight-lipped about what was going on. Text messages starting coming in regarding tube incidents.

About 5 minutes later, some plain clothed police turned up. Followed by a bunch of plan clothes in bullet proof vests, at which point we wasked to move back some 200 meters from the bus. At this point we started heading back to the office.

Nothing on the news regarding that incident as yet. AFAIK, the area has not been opened up yet.
21st-Jul-2005 02:20 pm - Mobile phone coverage
Warning - anyone trying to contact next-of-kin etc. from/into central London by mobile phone may well find the network's out at the moment - at least that was my experience from Aldgate just now.
21st-Jul-2005 02:19 pm - Admin - 21/7/05 incidents
billy underpants
As more information comes in, please remember to include the source for your information and check the comm so that information isn't being replicated several times.

21st-Jul-2005 02:04 pm - Latest Incident
Si & I
BBC News now reports
"Dummy explosions using detonators only have sparked the evacuation of three Tube stations and the closure of three lines" no news of any casulaties but one London Hospital is operating its emergency plan
21st-Jul-2005 01:57 pm - "Not a major incident"
According to News 24, the police are not treating this as a major incident as yet.
21st-Jul-2005 01:55 pm - Dummy explosions
Ralph Liberty Meadows
The incidents are believed to be detonators only....

We are placing the technology on standby here, however.
21st-Jul-2005 01:53 pm - One bomber escaped

Eyewitness report on BBC said that the owner of the rucksack that failed to explode properly on that train ran away and escaped. (Sorry, I didn't catch which station that was.)

21st-Jul-2005 01:53 pm(no subject)
billy underpants
Sky News reporting one casualty at Warren Street.

Police think that there is no connection between the bus and tube incidents.
billy underpants
There have been unconfirmed reports of an explosion on the London Underground, and an incident on a bus in Hackney, East London.

Stations at Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush have been closed.

At Warren Street there were reports of a nail bomb explosion. Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said police believe this may have been the sound of detonators going off.

Victoria Line train passenger Ivan McCracken told Sky News he spoke to an Italian man who witnessed an explosion just after the train arrived at the platform.

"He told me he had seen a man carrying a rucksack which suddenly exploded. It was a minor explosion but enough to blow open his rucksack. Everyone rushed from the carriage. People evacuated very quickly. There was no panic.

(source: Sky News)
21st-Jul-2005 01:34 pm - Round Two: More Bombings
From the BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4703777.stm
From Classic Rock: Police confirm at least one nailbomb
21st-Jul-2005 01:26 pm - Three tube stations evacuated
BBC & Sky are reporting that Warren Street, Oval & Shepherd’s Bush tube stations have been evacuated.

An eyewitness report speaks of smoke in a train before they were told to leave the train at Warren Street.

UPDATE: The BBC web site now has some news:


The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line and the Hammersmith and City. There are no reports of any casualties.

On TV, reports of smoke coming from the Tube stations have been denied.
20th-Jul-2005 01:47 pm - Admin
billy underpants
Please read the user info before posting. This is a community for FACTUAL discussion of incidents in London on July 7th 2005, practical matters related to "returning to normal", and establishing contact with friends/colleagues in London who might have been affected.

Please avoid speculation/conjecture, editorialising etc and confine discussion to verifiable facts or news stories from reputable sources.

Please avoid posting anything that demands a lot of bandwidth (big pictures) to the community.

This is NOT a forum for political discussion, or for general expressions of shock and sympathy. Your own journals are the place for that. Off-topic entries will be deleted, entries in dubious taste will be deleted and the posters banned. There is a time and place for humour - this is not it.

If you want to express sympathy or discuss your emotional reaction to the events, london_hurts is the place.

Thank you.
16th-Jul-2005 12:00 pm - Taxi Rank Closed At Stratford
Vicki - Vivien Dress
I didn't see anything about this so thought I'd add it and maybe can add other places where things have been changed.

The small circular road next to Stratford Station has been closed since the attacks. Hence people can not be picked up or dropped off there and the taxis have moved across the street to in front of the Shopping Centre.

Anyway, the main reason for posting is so people know what is happening and where the taxis have moved to.

Source: myself
15th-Jul-2005 07:54 pm - Time to wind this community up?
The events that this community was created to discuss are now passing into (recent) history and the processes of investigation and justice are starting to take their course; there is now less scope for first-hand accounts, and the "roll call" aspect of the community has largely served its purpose. I therefore think it's time to wind things up here.

Nothing will be deleted; the intention (expressed by several users) is that this should remain as part of the historical record.

I therefore propose to let it run on for another few days, and then turn the community over to moderated status sometime next week - new posts will only be added if they provide something that is factual, opinion-free and NOT available in the mass media.

If anyone has a radically different view on this, please comment - although this was the approach suggested a couple of days after last Thursday's events.

I hope the community has been useful - it seems to have provided a lot of first-hand and reported information and given people ways of getting in touch with friends/family etc.

Just as an admin note - I will be mostly AFK from tonight until Monday morning, so could the other members of the maintenance team keep an eye on things over the weekend? Thanks.

Thanks once again
14th-Jul-2005 03:37 pm - Great British quotes:
"We took on the Romans, the Saxons, the Danes, the French, William Wallace, the Black Plague, the Roundheads, the Great Fire, Napoleon, the Nazis, and the Blitz, and we're still here. You terrorists are bloody amateurs."
14th-Jul-2005 02:04 pm - More Leeds Houses Evacuated
New Hair
The BBC Radio 2 news has just reported the evacuation of more houses in the Beeston area of Leeds, with a controlled explosion within the past half hour.


In Leeds, a controlled explosion was carried out in the Beeston area after police cordoned off several streets and evacuated residents.

They have been told by police to take enough clothes with them for three days.

Earlier, police had lifted a cordon around another neighbourhood after it was found that a suspect substance in one house was not hazardous.

(from the middle of http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4679681.stm)
14th-Jul-2005 12:49 pm - Wembley
Does anyone know what's happening and if it's connected to last week?

There is a massive plume of smoke coming from the side of Wembley Stadium, people here reckon it's Wembley Park station, no word at all on the news sites, theories abound...
I took this on my phone:
wembleyCollapse )
OK, it's not a bomb - BBC News Ticker says "Factory on fire in Wembley area - 10 crews attending. More soon."
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